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Camp Malawi 2008 was a blast! More than 60 kids attended the village camp held at We Are One in Kande Beach, while 100 kids attended the urban camp in Mzuzu, held at Wukani Educational Facility.

Events differed somewhat between the urban camp and village camp, but every child explored creative outlets with arts & crafts, enjoyed American playground games, and learned the basics of AIDS prevention and getting the most out of locally-available foods.

Check out the recaps for more detail, including plenty of photos of both camps!

Special thanks to our generous donors:

Jansport - 140 brand new backpacks
Stacey Sorkin/Colgate - 500 toothbrushes and 500 tubes of toothpaste
Kaleidoscope/Hallmark - 6 10-pound boxes of art materials, including paper, puzzles, bags, markers
James Pottorff (Kansas University) - 200 kid- and adult-size t-shirts
Sean Crowley (Ralph Lauren) - 40 ties
Judy Pursley and Maria Bierniak - 10 boxes of pens/pencils
Carissa and Shaun Finn - 150 composition books
Jessica Taylor - 35 hand-beaded necklaces

In addition, thanks to those who donated:

USED CAMERAS - Nichole Douglas, Suerissa Butsunturn, Mandy Irvin, Antonio Simoes, Teresa Sweeney, Rubina Hussain, Nancy Chuang, Tim Ayers, Greg Corso, Rich Marks, Cary Lawson, Jennifer Smith, Angela Esmilla, Jerri Ye, Kathleen Bennett, Dominique McClendon, Glori Kilmnick, Carina Rolley, Stacy Greener-Howard, Jon and Tina Morgan

MUCH-NEEDED SHIPPING CHARGES - Arnold Worldwide, Chuang family, Bart Freundlich and Neeb Family Foundation

Thanks to everyone who donated money, which we used to buy the beautiful "Camp Malawi" t-shirts, sports equipment and other teaching aids.